Monday, November 24, 2014

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Current Projects

Executive Summary

Plans for the Solar Projects have been underway for many years. With many events and variables that have come together, the projects all have been designed to be stand alone or part of a master plan that hasn't been created on any Native Lands in the past Century. The following summary will detail an overview on the developments with extreme support from the highest levels on the Navajo Nation. With the US governments' push for economic growth stemming from massive grants, tax credits, and many other incentives vastly available. The Navajo nation is the largest and by far the most lucrative nation balancing on the verge of unparalleled growth and expansion with massive resources available.

The following projects are at various stages and will be implemented:

1)   Solar Park Site Development has been planned on a site composed of 325 Acres almost completely shovel ready for 55 MW of photovoltaic energy with an additional 2000+ acres (net) in several key areas within the Navajo Nation. These fully ready projects will have values to large PPA ready projects from the top renewable energy companies in the world. (See Renderings Below)

Nabeeho' Power (NP) is a developing industry leader in the Consultation and Development of zero-pollution, renewable energy Ground Based Solar (GBS) projects.

Our strategic approach will allow us to develop industrial scale solar facilities.  The costs will compete with the historically untouchable prices for conventional energy production, now termed ‘dirty energy’. These innovations will help bring about the paradigm shift needed in the energy industry; feasible pathways to a cleaner, healthier future for all while providing financial incentives to investors to undertake these projects.

1. The core product that Nabeeho' Power will provide is an abundant supply of clean electricity. The consulting, brokering, investing and managing of renewable energy.

2. Build upon existing and developing new, critical relationships with local and regional utilities government and social organizations.

3. Identify potential PV facility sites.

4. Secure contracts with construction and maintenance providers.

5. Facilitate Power Purchase Agreements.

Concerns over global warming have complicated the electricity market; these concerns combined with the ever-increasing price of oil, coal, and other fossil fuels have advanced the interest for less costly, clean energy sources. With the recent and past natural disasters and the US government focused on renewable energy, it makes for the push to invest every resource possible to make this a reality.

The total market for ground-based renewable energy is estimated to be over $590 billion annually. This number is projected to rise over $1.8 trillion by 2030.

Many state, local and federal Government incentives are now in place, improving the viability and profitability of harnessing electrical power using PV technology. There are 31 states in the US with renewable portfolio standards (RPS). The electrical utility industry is responding to this pressure from both the government and the public.

Keys to Success

*The adequate amount of funding to engineer, design, interconnect and prepare sites to “shovel ready” stages with very lucrative returns from Solar Energy companies worldwide.

*Install and operate solar farms and other Renewable Energy throughout the region in a manner and fashion not possible within the constraints of US territories rules and regulations.