The Navajo Power Way

Good for Our Business + Good for Our Earth +
A Just Deal for Our People is the Only Way Forward

+ This is a New Model that Maximizes Community Benefit

Navajo Powers America

Navajo Natural Resources Power the Growth of the American West

An Unjust Deal

There Are Currently 15,000
Navajo Homes Without Power

+ Many Are Within Sight of Transmission Lines

Navajo is a Sovereign Nation

The Navajo Sunrise (Háyoolkáál ) Proclamation

“Creates a New Economic Vision for the Navajo People through Healing the Land, Fostering Clean Energy Development and Providing Leadership for the Energy Market.” – April 2019

The Demand is Here Now

California & New Mexico (and Other States) will be Powered by 100% Renewable Energy within 25 years


We Need 10GW in 10 Years

The World Must Make a 100% Transition Away from Fossil Fuels by 2030 to Avoid “Catastrophe”

+ Navajo Coal Supplies 9GW of Power to the Southwest
+ 145GW of Power Must Be Transitioned in the Western U.S.

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