Eternal Sunrise

A 500 Year Perspective on
Power in The United States
+ 2020 VISION +

1776 - 2026 - 2276

The Last 250 Years Have Seen the Greatest Period of Wealth Creation & Human Prosperity in History

- BUT - Fueled by Extraction It Has Come at a Catastrophic Cost

1776 - 2026 - 2276


+ The Age of Extraction Will End in Our Lifetime
+ The Old Way Won’t Carry US Any Further
+ We Have Only 10 Years to Transition

1776 - 2026 - 2276

The Next 250 Years Are in Question and Will Determine the Fate of Our Species

+ Our Spaceship Earth Needs a New Power Source
+ WE Are the Pivotal Generation

It’s The End of
The World As
We Know It

We Can’t Drill or Dig Our Way Out of This

The SUN is
The Source
of Life on Earth

We’re Facing a Threat for Which
We Have Precious Few Solutions

+ SOLAR is One of Them That is Already Proven

In ONE HOUR, the amount of power from the Sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a YEAR

- US Department of Energy

Eternal Energy Independence On Our Lands

This is Happening

+ Navajo is Leading The Way
+ We Invite You to Be a Part of It

A New Sun Is Rising

Look To The West

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