Rendering of Painted Desert Power

Project Overview:

Navajo Power has established Painted Desert Power, LLC (PDP) to develop the Painted Desert Solar Project (Project) as a model for renewable energy development that promotes community engagement and benefits to the Navajo Nation and the local Cameron and Coalmine Canyon Chapters.

The Project is a proposed 750-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) solar-generating and battery energy storage system (BESS) facility in the Cameron and Coalmine Canyon chapters of the Navajo Nation Reservation, approximately 4 miles east of Cameron, Arizona.


The objectives of the Painted Desert Power solar project include the following: (1) improve the economic condition of the Navajo Nation with job opportunities and income for the communities, (2) support the Navajo Nation’s energy transition to renewable energy resources as directed by the Navajo Nation leadership and promoted in the Navajo Háyoołkááł Proclamation, (3) provide electricity to any household in the area that lacks it and wishes to obtain electricity. The team has proposed a Project location near the transmission system for ease of interconnection and in order to minimize impacts associated with the expansion of transmission lines. Navajo Power selected the site with the guidance and direction of local residents to ensure that it avoid negative impacts on the local community, environment, and cultural and biological resources.

Project Milestones Completed:

  • Preliminary engineering and Plan of Development
  • Alternatives Siting Study
  • Cultural surveys and clearance from the Navajo Nation
  • Biological surveys and clearance from the Navajo Nation
  • Aquatic Resources Report
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Additional environmental studies to characterize the project footprint
  • Filed for interconnection with APS
  • Regular stakeholder engagement meetings with the Cameron and Coalmine Canyon communities for over 2 years

Project Schedule:

Navajo Power expects to be prepared to begin construction in 2023 and achieve commercial operations by 2024, pending final approvals and other milestones.

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